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About Us

WILDHUNT is a company founded by Srijita, an advocate turned photographer, who has travelled widely through the most popular parks in India. With the help of her experience and well-travelled associates, the aim of WILDHUNT is to give the tourists a cutting edge and hassle free jungle safari together with luxurious amenities at a jaw dropping tariff. The vision of WILDHUNT is what a wild hunter does- explore the wild. We, at WILDHUNT, shall be dedicated to provide both the experienced and the amateur traveller an experience of their lifetime. We shall be guiding, as well as, assisting the travellers to bring back mesmerising photographs.

WildHunt Vision

WILDHUNT organises legal, responsible, well managed tours into India’s finest wildernesses and Tiger reserves. It is the most effective and the best way to preserve the forests of India and its wildlife, specifically the Tigers. Our objective is non-extractive and we want to see a healthy and untouched habitat and biodiversity which has always been undervalued in terms of the ecological services it has given to us. We thank Mother Nature for what the forests provide us in the form of water storage, medicines and carbon sinks, etc. Tourism, by default, is already saving the forests and its wildlife. Our concern, at WILDHUNT, is to organise it through responsible, well planned and carefully managed tourism.

Gateway to the Paradise on EARTH Pic Taken at Khutwanda Gate TATR

By Srijita